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Friday, 17 August 2007
BugHotel Reservation System NextGen Edition is available in three versions hosted, standard edition and travel portal edition respectively, to hotel owners, tour operators and travel agencies.
100% Internet Web Based/Web Based Control Panel
BugHotel Reservation System is a 100% web based solution. It does not need to be installed or upgraded on a physical machine. This makes it highly scalable and extremely portable as it can be accessed anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet and a browser. BugHotel Reservation System allows you to Instantly update your property description, photographs, your own policies, availability, rates, special offers and more at any time, at no cost.

Full featured online rerservation system
Single or multi property, unlimited rate plans and real time inventory management. BugHotel Reservation System is the most powerful plug-in solution available for hotels, hostels and serviced apartments. Unlike other hotel booking engines, BugHotel Reservation System can be completely integrated with the look and feel of your web site, offers amoung others, multi language, secured payments, cancellations and real time inventory lookup.

Fully secure real-time reservations and cancellations with immediate email confirmation
Real time inventory lookup and update.

Simple easy-to-use interface for Internet visitors
Very intuitive, easy to use and easy to integrate into existing web sites.

Customizable emails to notify the vendor and confirm the reservation with the guest.
All email notifications (for the guest and vendor) are fully customized.

Private Label interfaceComple private label interface that can be fully customized to seamlessly integrate with your property's web site and take online real-time reservations for your property without requiring any changes to your existing reservation management process.

Plug & Play
Powerful, yet, easy to use booking system that can be plugged in to any existing web site. Uses Smarty Template Engine for complete separation of Business Logic from Presentation Logic. Booking engine can be completly branded to the look and feel of your website.

Real Time Reporting
Obtain your own reports in real time by any criteria deemed important by your hotel.

Last minute availability and rates management
You can decide on a special pricing policy for your last minute bookings through your website.

Unlimited number of room types
You can also customize each room type by choosing in a list of room amenities.

State of the art availability management
  • Customize availability
  • Allotments
  • Rooms beeing allocated
  • Minimum and maximum stay
  • Booking Lead Time
  • Cancel Policy
  • Set Day/Week Patern (Create booking rules - such as specifying which days of the week to set)
  • Customize Internet Price/Net Price/Hotel Price

Highly secured
You access the data of your hotel/hotel group through a secured login and password. You access levels for you staff, with limited functionality accesses

Control your inventory anytime, from anywhere
BugHotel Reservation System is the most fully featured online booking system available. Control every aspect of your booking system via an easy-to-use secure management area.

Several XML feeds interfaces available
With a choice of over 155,000 hotels worldwide, xml feeds booking engine has direct access to the Published Rate hotel inventory databases of Pegasus and Sabre as well as it's own extensive merchant hotel program. XML feeds hotel inventory allows you to offer thousands of Hot Rate Hotels and Preferred Rate hotels at discounted rates while paying a higher commission. BugHotel Reservation System seamless integrates with several XML feeds engines and gives you the ability to instant offer 155,000+ hotels in your portal. No configuration needed, just input xml feed details in your BugHotel Reservation System configuration form and that's it. You are ready. more...

Commission Freee
There are no monthly fees, yearly fees or service charges.

Confirmed Notification
When customers book online, You will receive notification in 3 ways: by email, by fax and on your Administration Center. Your guests will receive personalized automatic confirmations by email including a booking reference, your contact details, your policies and directions to your hotel.

Multi-language and, Multi-currency support.BugHotel Reservation System NextGen MCS - Multi Currency Add-On Module introduces support for multiple currencies presentation at the customer front-end. The module contains the possibility to define unlimited amount of additional currencies and the ability to automatically display prices in local currencies of your customers. The exchange rates are done automatically. More information is available here

Bonus/Rewards points
Bonus points support and hotel frequency stay program.

Template based
Complete Separation of Business Logic from Presentation Logic in

Real time availability based on your inventory or availability on request. Setup your own special offers & discounts.

Plug & Play Powerful, yet, easy to use booking system that can be plugged in to any existing web site.

Seemless GDS integration
Instant have over 55,000 hotels worldwide inventory available on your site with GDS Integration.

Packages Support
The Packages module is designed for packaged vacations with the objective to facilitate the travel portal owners to upload their travel and tour packages, it allows you to manage the availability of your tours, bus, van, charters, events and much more.

Instant Confirmation
Bookings are confirmed at the moment they are made, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Accept internet reservations on your web site and pay no transaction or monthly fees
You collect all guest payments; you enter your own room descriptions, room facilities, room rates and allocations into BugHotel Reservation System. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No hidden fees. No ongoing charges. 100% free commission booking.

Reduce Your Costs
Guests confirm accommodation in real-time at your website, closing the sale immediately. Valuable reservations staff time is saved because reservation requests will no longer have to be processed. By automating your sales process, you will be able to handle the same amount of transactions, or more, at a much lower cost. Moreover you will also gain significant control over your margins and pricing strategy.

Boost Your Sales
Increase your Website Potential. Expect a 30% increate of confirmed internet reservations if your install BugHotel Reservation System. Visitors of your web site can have immediate and easy access to a full array of travel products and services.
  • Target cities or specific hotels
  • Mixed Mode (Manage your own hotels but have GDS hotels available too)
  • 100% template based - Customize your site with your needs
  • Global Hotel Reservations
  • LUCRATIVE compensation plan PLUS optional additional income from nightly booking fees
  • Real-time online reservations utilizing three hotel databases
  • Over 55,000 hotels & resorts worldwide
  • Transactions viewable in over 160 currencies
  • 100% Private-branded (Customer will not notice any GDS provider)
  • Customize your site

Per Hotel/Property GDS/ADS Connectivity
GDS/ADS Connectivity module will allow hotels to instant update rates and inventory as well as hotel, room, rate descriptions and images to all GDSs, ADSs and ODD networks (650.000+ IATA registered travel agent powered by Sabre, Amadeus, Worldspan and Galileo GDSs. Hundreds of ADS, travel portals such as Travelocity, TravelNow, Expedia, Hotels.com powered by these GDSs. Thousands of internet travel sales points powered by ADSs and Pegasus ODD). Hotels keep up-to-date room inventory at BugHotel Reservation System Interface, and any travel agent or customer can retrieve real time online rate and room inventory and book instantly via GDSM, ADS and ODD networks. Each booking is confirmed within 4-7 second. Transactions are transmitted to hotels immediately. More information is available here
Search Engine Friendly Features
BugHotel Reservation System Produces a Search Engine Friendly Travel Portal or Hotel Site. More is information available here
Newsletter Module
BugHotel Reservation System NextGen NLM Newsletter Module allows hotelier and travel portal operators to create, maintain, and send customized newsletters (special rates, new packages and destinations, etc…) to a targeted audience.. More is information available here
Low Cost Flight Search Module
The Low Cost Flight Search Module enables a user to search for available flights based on a selected criteria. The script can display the fares of the desired destinations. It checks for the available flights using the search formats and indicated travel dates. The user may book the flights, display the rules, and/or display the fare calculation.
Extra Services Support
An extra service is a product usually sold by a Hotel that consists of multiple components. Some of these components may be breakfast, champagne on arrival, limousine from the airport, chocolates and dinner in the restaurant. BugHotel Reservation System NextGen Edition AS - Additional Services /Extra Services Module allows each hotel or travel portal operator to setup these components.
B2B Engine
Tour Operators/Travel Agents have access to a reserved area/interface where they can create and modify reservations, tours, flights, extra services and package. Reservations can be made by travel agents on behalf of their customers. Travel Portal owners/administrators can assign reservations to travel agents through the travel portal interface.
Per Hotel Booking.COM 2 Way Connectivity
Two way connectivity to Booking.com travel portal (Everytime hotels update their pricing and availability in BugHotel Reservation System it automatically sends tha information to booking.com. When hotels get new & modified (including cancelled) reservations from booking.com, they are updated in BugHotel Reservation System hotelier interface.
Per Hotel Expedia 2 Way Connectivitye
Two way connectivity to Expedia travel portal (Everytime hotels update their pricing and availability in BugHotel Reservation System it automatically sends tha information to expedia. When hotels get new & modified (including cancelled) reservations from expedia, they are updated in BugHotel Reservation System hotelier interface.
XML Server Affiliates Module
XML Server Affiliates module allows you to manage your own travel sales affiliate network. It allows you to set up and maintain an affiliate base for your travel site that will increase your sales. It is a fully automated and 100% brandable system that allows you to pay your affiliates commissions for reservations. You can have several travel sites with different travel rates for each of the sites and mark them independently, for example in site A you can mark up rates and site B offer discount rates, each of the sites operate independently and the reservation process is maintained inside the affiliate site at all times.
Joomla/Manbo Connectivity
Direct Joomla/Mambo Connectivity.
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